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Exhibition at the Varthiola of Planos, Zakynthos on 9 August 2017

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 in the evening (and only this evening 20: 00-02: 00), I will exhibit my last painting work “Landscape Secrets” in the Varthiola of Planos or else Tsilivi or Gidaki. Varthiola in Zakinthos we tell the small standard square square-shaped observation-viewpoints with a pyramidal roof that aimed at the sighting of the sea and the notification of the inhabitants and the authorities about the existence of a suspected Venetian ship.
It is touching where you were playing as a child during the summers in Planos, and this historic building was in your heart in a special position, comes the time to exhibit your artwork and take it out for a few hours from obscurity and indifference. The Varthiola of Planos is located above the harbor of Planos and for the harbor we turn right to the sea after the Gaitanos supermarket (coming from the city) or the Azure hotel.

From the preparation of the exhibition

Fr. Panagiotis Kapodistrias wrote for the exhibition at his blog Ston iskio you iskiou

The newspaper “Day of Zakythos”