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Letters of an Innocent Soldier

The Innocent Soldier Spyros Kokkinis from Agia Thekla of Kefalonia had many, many dreams that were cut short on St. Demetrius’ Day in 1920 in Viga, Asia Minor. He was a kid, 20 years old.

What remains are his moving letters from the campaign, which his family arranged for to be published in the now out-of-print 1988 edition.

Sixty-four distinguished Greek artists from Kefalonia, Asia Minor and the rest of Greece participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is produced by the Argostoli like elinithon, while the art historian and independent curator Iris Kritikou has curated and designed it.

The aim of the tribute from the beginning was for the works to use as their historical starting point the personal narrative of the young Kefalonite who fought and died prematurely on the Asia Minor front.

Now, and our own paintings looking for his traces.

“Letters of an Innocent Soldier”

Group visual tribute

on the occasion of the centenary

from the Asia Minor Catastrophe


Opening of the exhibition: Saturday 15 October 2022 at 19.00

My participation:

The tear of the soldier in front of the fields of opposition. (The cosmopolitan Smyrna, and the tragic battlefields with a cavalry soldier as child’s play in the lands of the ancient Greeks)