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Curriculum vitae

Babis Pilarinos was born on 1966 in Zante, a Greek island in Ionian see. He studied Physics at the University of Patras. His professional activity is painting of (holy) icons, wall painting in churches, landscape paintings in his way, illustration of folktales books, he creates outdoor painting installations and animation films with his painting. His art work are in many school books.  He teaches Byzantine iconography in the form of seminars and courses in Athens, Zakynthos and Paris. He also teaches in the Austrian Summer Academy Sommerakademie Griechenland (SOAK). He is a member of the “Greek Chamber of Fine Arts” and the group of iconographers Ochra. He exhibits his works usually every two years in Athens in his atelier (Mitropoleos Square 11), in Paris (Rivoly 59 gallery, Melkert gallery, Desmos gallery), and in Zakynthos for one night in outdoor places of historical and natural interest.
Private exhibitions:
• 2001 in Zakynthos museum
• 2005 “Zante old landscapes” town art gallery of Municipality of Zakynthos
• 2008 “The celebration” Periplous publications Athens
• 2010 “Outstretched clothes” in “Atelier Pilarinos” Athens.
• 2012 “Paradise now” “Gallery Rivoly 59” Paris 75001 59 Rue Rivoli FRANCE
Curators & Coordinators: Marie Deparis-Yafil
M.-J. Schumacher
• 2013 “Summertime” at Desmos gallery, Paris
• 2014 “Glade” at “Atelier Pilarinos” in Athens, Metropolis Square 11
2015 together with Angeliki Loi and Giorgos Saltaferos in Galeire Anixis in Baden, Switzerland
August 2015 only for one night at the Church yard of Agios Spyridonas in Argasi Zante
•January 2017 Paris “Secret landscapes” “Melkert gallery”
•May 2017 Athens “Secret landscapes” at Atelier Pilarinos
•August 2017  Zakynthos “Secret landscapes”for a night at the Vardiola of Planos

•May 2019 Athens “Butterfly on the balcony” at Atelier Pilarinos

August 2019 Zakynthos “Butterfly on the balcony” for a night in the yard of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Dermatoussa in Tragaki

2022 Dream signs, Atelier Pilarinos, Athens, Logothetis farm olive press. Zakynthos, Ginning plant ideas, Veria,

In April 2019 he participates in the international conference held at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolymbari, Chania on “Is tradition binding for the continuation of iconographic ecclesiastical art?”, Entitled “Renewing ecclesiastical painting in Greece today”.

You can see the suggestion in Greek here

Team exhibitions inland:
• In 1999 Exhibition of Hellenic hagiographers in the art-gallery of Municipality of Philothei.
• In 2000 and 2002-Pieridis Art –gallery and town art gallery of Municipality of Salonica.1st and 2nd International Exhibition of Modern Orthodox Iconography “Art of Icons”
• In 2001 Book lodge. Hagiography team exhibition “stoa vivliou”)
• In 2003 Hagiography exhibition in the art-gallery in Municipality of Hymettus.
• In 2004 and 2007 Exhibition of contemporary hagiographers Centre of plastic arts “G.Karidis”.
• In 2006 art gallery IANOS
• In 2008 Zappion Megaron Panipirotiki exhibition
• In 2008 Political landscapes / contemporary landscapes Hraklion Crete May Basilica St.Marcus
• In 2009 in Agios Nikolaos Crete “One modern icon,thousands of symbols”

2019: «icons today» International exhibition of contemporary iconography

2020:Pictures and paintings with the group Ochre

2021:”The dream of a ridiculous”. A visual tribute to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-2021)

2022: “A time of silence” Chili Art Gallery, Athens. curated by Paris Capralos.

Team exhibitions abroad:
• In 2002 Hellenic hagiographers exhibition at the centre of Slav studies in Moscow
• In 2008 Strasbourg Gallery of the Hotel du Departementdu Bas – Rhin Strasbourg.

Read here about Babis Pilarinos artwork, written by the French art critic Marie de Pari