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Butterfly on the balcony

“Butterfly on the balcony” is a colorful, airy “soul” in the undifferentiated and frustrated gray of the backyard of a block of flats. It expresses the unexpected, the surprise. Do not be afraid to say it, be interested in the one who receives indifference, open the usually closed door, stay when you usually leave or leave when you usually stay.

Preparing for the painting exhibition “Butterfly on the balcony” I have posted the artworks of the exhibition today on the walls of my atelier. Accrochage is cold in France this process. It’s a special moment for someone who works to complete a project and sees it unfolding slowly on the Accrochage day. It remembers everything that happened during the creation of the works in the easel and in my life, because how to separate them. Picasso has also said that painting is a calendar. You see the painting now, usually with more leniency than before, and the initial disappointment that I did not manage to say what I wanted or did not manage to say something in an interesting way, or did not manage to say something remarkable, and worse yet, why I probably have nothing to say. As time passes the satisfaction of the more embracing sits with suffering. See the artworks, in fact there is no unity never been deep in my exhibitions. Some works are from something old inside me that fades but still struggles to say something, just before closing the door, some others have something fresh that may not yet articulate a clean and mature reason. This is the problem in general with the new one, it is unstructured and has not been analyzed, but when these happen, of course it is no longer new. Ultimately, instead of each new exhibition being a new clean proposal, it is a new milestone. I think many times at this time that I am like a lemon-bucket. What to do with it, fighting and taking a drop or throwing it away? I react instinctively, I do what my father did. You fight with what you have. But even if you are a lemon-bucket it has the value to deal with it, because what else do you have to offer from one point to the next, but only your temper to live and appreciate the drops. Joy deep as ever. It is for everyone. “The table is laughing, you’ve all been harvested. The calf a lot, nons escaped hungry. “