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2017 Secret landscapes

man crumbles away easily in the midst of wars;
man is soft, tuft of grass,
fingers and lips that long for a white breast,
eyes half-shut in the dazzle of day,
feet that would run, no matter how tired,
at the slightest whistle of gain.
man is soft and thirsty as grass,
as grass unslaked, his nerves are spreading roots;
when the time of harvest comes
some shout to exorcise the devil,
some become entangled in their possessions, some orate,
but if the living should not exist of what use
would oratories, possessions, or exorcisms be?

George Seferis
Excerpt from the poem “Last Station”

About the exhibition in Paris January 2017
About the exhibition in Athens on May 2017
About the exhibition at the Varthiola of Planos, Zakynthos on 9 August 2017

About the exhibition in Paris January 2017