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Byzantine painting workshops

Visit Greece and participate in a byzantine icon painting workshop with the Greek iconographer Babis Pilarinos in Athens.

Babis Pilarinos was born on Zakynthos in 1966. He paints, illustrates children’ s books, paints portable icons and frescoes in churches. He teaches Byzantine painting on Zakynthos, in Paris, in Athens at his “Atelier Pilarinos” and in “Austrian Summer Academy in Greece”
He has given nine private exhibitions in Brussels, Paris, Switzerland
Baden and Athens. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece. More details can be found at or visit his Facebook profile

mathima2There are two types of workshops. It’s a small one that it’s about three hours and a big one that it’s about 15 hours.
The theme and in the two workshops is the same, to paint a byzantine face. Only at the small workshop you do these with color pencils and not with colors and you take a small taste of all the technique. The cost for the small workshop is 20€/per hour, for 2 persons 30€/per hour, for 3 persons 35€/per hour and for 4 or more persons 40€/per hour.
The big workshop is conducted with egg tempera in the same traditional way as was the case in the Byzantine times. In this workshop, the person that participates will paint an icon, using paints made from egg yolk and colour powders. At the end of the workshop the memder will have completed the icon.

These workshop is suitable for people with no previous experience in painting, as well as for amateur or professional painters who wish to study the byzantine art genre.
Lessons are stand-alone, which means that during the three days of the course, each participant is given the opportunity to complete an icon fully.
Everything needed -canvases, brushes, easels, colours, etc.- are provided by the Summer School.

The Workshop lessons are in English. The course lasts 12 hours and you study in 3 days for 4 hours a day. You can make the program, days, hours depending and to the teachers program. For one person the cost is 20€/per hour, for 2 persons 30€/per hour, for 3 persons 35€/per hour and for 4 or more persons 40€/per hour. The price includes twelve hours of workshop in three days and all necessary material (not need to bring anything). For booking please send an email at or a massage his Facebook profile